My brother finally celebrated his 25th Birthday by throwing himself a large party at his place. I’ve actually never been to one of his parties, so I’ve never met any of his current friends and coworkers. Sam got a real kick out of asking people, “Hey, do you think I look anything like this person? No? Well, this is my sister…” It’s true, out of everyone polled, no one thought we looked alike.
The highlight was probably getting to hang out with Kris all night. We hung out at the refreshment table and I watched Kris devour cheese, bread, and beer (I would have joined him but I had already pigged out at McGraff’s Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver).

I also reunited with Tera, a gal I went to high school with who I haven’t seen, literally, since the day we graduated. (I’m currently convincing her to attend our 10 year reunion this fall). She and Kris also shared a couple of classes and we all skipped down memory lane for quite a while. Here we are lined up and reminicing: